Our mission is to ensure our Canadian and international clients distinguish themselves in their specific competitive space through extraordinary exhibits, displays and events.
Our longevity is built on a foundation of a solid work ethic shared across our teams in order to provide best-in-class customer service. We push the limits of creative excellence to craft work that makes the strongest impact and create the most powerful customer connections through collaboration and creative solutions. Ultimately, if we help you succeed in making a positive connection, then we’ve been successful too.
Our Services
Our 360-degree approach begins with determining your needs. With an experienced perspective on how to best deliver your vision, we start as we mean to go on, ensuring everyone is aligned and on the same path.
  • Strategy
    Armed with examples of completed projects, our demonstrated experience will prove that you’re in good hands. Our reputation has been built by bonding with our clients and earning their trust, so the project is customized specifically to them and there are no surprises along the way. With a wide variety of completed projects under our belt, our demonstrated experience will prove that you're in good hands. We've built our reputation on the earned trust of our clients, so you can rest assured that each project will be tailored to your vision without any bad surprises along the way.
  • Design
    Our team of creative, brand and business experts will collaborate with you to explore the possibilities of your project and suggest creative solutions that you may not have previously considered. We will discuss every detail with you, from materials to venue capabilities required to deliver a beautiful exhibit or event experience against your goals and budget.
  • Project Management
    Your project lead will remain focused on managing and delivering your vision throughout to give you and, ultimately, your customers an exceptional experience. Leaving the coordination, planning and problem solving in our hands means you’re free to concentrate on business with the knowledge that the final project will be delivered on time without a hitch.
  • Engineering
    Our team of specialty engineers and craftspeople consult continuously throughout the development and delivery of the project. Not only is their input invaluable during planning, but they are also present to help solve any problems that may arise before the final deliverable is complete.
  • Fabrication
    We are specialists with a deep understanding of industry standards and emerging technical advances. We take great pride in providing you with the most current operational and creative technical solutions, so your exhibit or event is a best-in-class experience.
  • Field Services
    Part of our management and consultative practice is to ensure that each detail of the project exceeds service standards from beginning to end. This means we are intimately involved with venue practicalities out all the heavy lifting and delivering against the plan throughout the full project. Our goal is to ensure that once the project is complete you feel confident that your business, brand and ideas have been clearly and creatively communicated to your target customers.
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