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We may not be looking right now, but if you’ve got some real talent and you possess a roll-up your sleeves mentality, we want to hear from you. Email your resume to juiceworks-exhibits@jobs.workablemail.com.
Our Culture
The real deal.
This is who we are. This is not some fancy slogan that some far-off consultant wrote. This is what each of us wrote in an anonymous employee survey.
Pride in our work.
Custom displays don’t just roll out from our doors overnight. We put in many hours and a lot of ourselves into each piece that we create.
We put the “work” in Juiceworks. No, we don’t make juice. But the “juice”, or the secret recipe to our success, is “us” as a team.

What brings our diverse bunch together is a shared goal of creating cool stuff. The journey isn’t always easy. Confronting challenging issues and tackling various perspectives comes with the territory. But at the end of the day, it’s our shared passion towards a solution that makes this journey worthwhile.
Happy work and client relationships.
This is why we do what we do. A genuine smile from a client, the energy of a crowd at an event, and the sheer joy of working alongside peers we trust and respect fuels us to do even more.
We asked every Juiceworks employee what our lived values and behaviours are. These sum it up:
  • Pride in our work
    “Being able to show my accomplishments to friends and family. Whether it be on TV or an attraction we are attending.”

    Dan Van Dyken
  • Pride in our work
    “The quality of work put out and the interesting projects that leave these doors.”

    Rae Cole
  • Teamwork
    “Everyone has their role to play and working with other departments is always effortless.”

    Adam McGuire
    Exhibit Designer
  • Teamwork
    “We have a terrific group of people here at Juiceworks who support each other to get the work done.”

    Jana Kalochoridis
    Office Manager
  • Happy work & client relationships
    “Going above and beyond is what we do.  It is so rewarding being around a happy client just moments before the event opening.”

    Bev Carvalho
    Project Manager
  • Happy work & client relationships
    “The passion and enthusiasm on projects from coworkers, as well as clients, make it so much more fun.”

    Stephanie Bogias
    Account Administrator
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Benefits and Perks
  • Medical, dental, vision, travel
  • Massage, physiotherapy, etc.
  • Life insurance
  • Monthly socials (BBQ, breakfast, activities)
  • Community involvement in 8 countries
  • Individualized career maps & coaching